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"Discover Fast, Easy and Actionable
Info You Can Put To Work In
Your Restaurant Today For
Immediate Profitable Results."

Restaurant Mega CD -- Business Content for Restaurant Professionals Absolutely packed with content critical to restaurant operators, the Restaurant Mega CD delivers the restaurant marketing, service and operations information you need to know to deliver bottom line profits to your restaurant.

Looking for quick and easy profit building ideas to put to work in your restaurant?

The Mega CD has literally hundreds of them. From restaurant PR and Internet tools to catering secrets and recruiting advice, the Mega CD has tons of easy to identify and actionable nuggets that you can implement in your restaurant for immediate payoff and profit.

Here's a quick overview of the Mega CD...

Don't Let The Economy Play Tricks On You...

If the economy has you worried. If your results are down and you are looking for a boost, then you'll want to grab yourself a copy of the Restaurant Mega CD.

Yes, it has 17+ hours of expert audio interviews and seminar sessions. And yes it has over 270 pages of PDF content, but the secret is that you don't need to digest it all before you can act!

We recommend you review the table of contents and listen to or read the content that is most vital to your restaurant operation first.

Review it and act on it!

And when you are ready for more, come back to the next content area on the Mega CD.

Keep layering profitable ideas into your restaurant operation for maximum results.

In fact, here's a short sample clip from the Marketing Tactics session.

In this segment of the interview Nathan and I talk about how to identify an incredibly valuable customer segment, market to them and best utilize your relationship to grow your business.

How Hyper-Responsive Customers Can Boost Your Restaurant's Business

Speaking of audio samples, let me hit you with three more snippets, each taken from one of our full-length seminars...

The Power of PR (PR: AtoZ)

Inventory Turns and More (Secrets of COGS)

Getting Media Coverage (PR Tips with the Publicity Hound)

These clips are just a tiny fraction of the 17+ hours of audio content packed on the Restaurant Mega CD.

Let's take a look at everything that's included...

Packed with profit building tips and business boosting info the Restaurant Mega CD contains...
Restaurant Mega CD
  • 11+ Hours of Audio Training Seminars
  • 6+ Hours of Bonus Audio Interviews
  • 15 PDF Chef/Owner interviews
  • 10 PDF Q&A Sessions
  • 15 PDF Business articles
  • 9 PDF Bonuses (e-books, reports and guides)
  • Sold Separately it Would All Cost $750+
  • Packaged Together on the Mega CD for Only $197!
  • The CD is Made to Play on Computers, Not Traditional CD Players
  • All With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Click here to order now

Important Note: The CD is made for listening/reading on a computer, not on traditional CD players (the audio files are MP3's and the documents are PDF's).

Table of Contents for Mega CD...

Audio Training Seminars (MP3's -- 45 to 70+ minutes in length)

  • Marketing & the Economy for Restaurants Today
  • Delivering Service Wows! How To Get On The Same Service Page: The "Lefts & Rights" of Service
  • Publicity Tips for Restaurant Owners, Chefs & Foodies
  • Restaurant Public Relations: From A to Z
  • Web Must Do's for Independent Restaurants: Making the Most of Your Internet Program
  • Unlocking the Secrets to Analyzing Cost of Goods Sold
  • 7 Must DO's to Controlling Labor Costs
  • 10 SMART Systems to Reducing Profit Robbing Theft
  • Restaurant Design & Concept Development
  • How To Double Your Restaurant's Profits With Full Service & Drop-Off Catering
  • How to Greatly Reduce Your Fees with Your Credit Card Processing Program

Bonus Audio Interview Sessions (MP3's -- 10 to 35 minutes in length)

  • The Three Biggest Restaurant Myths
  • How to Recruit "A" Players for Your Restaurant
  • Using Online Restaurant Coupons
  • Cell Phone Marketing for Restaurants
  • Search Engine Marketing Overview
  • Social Media For Restaurants: Video Communities
  • Attracting and Keeping Generation Y Employees
  • Key Benefits of a Private Label Wine Program
  • Customer Service Tips
  • Sean O'Connell, Executive Chef Fontainebleau Resort, Miami Beach - Parts 1&2
  • Online Ordering - Scotty's Brewhouse
  • Online Ordering - Pockets and iMenu360
  • Promoting Online Gift Certificate Sales
  • Getting Your Managers on the Floor - Labor Scheduling
  • Restaurant Profits: Laundry & Linen Savings for Restaurants
  • Trends in Culinary Education: An Interview with Michelle Ford, NECI
  • Joint Ventures for Restaurants

Interviews (PDF's)

  • Karen Binder, Madison Park Café, Seattle, WA
  • Marcel Biro, Biró Restaurant and Wine Bar -- Sheboygan, WI
  • Daniel Boulud, New York, NY
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Jimmy Bradley, The Red Cat, New York, NY
  • Dan Butler, Wilmington, DE
  • Sanford D'Amato, Sanford Restaurant, Milwaukee, WI
  • John Howie, SPORT & Seastar, Seattle, WA
  • J. Joho, Everest, Chicago, IL
  • Tommy Klauber, Pattigeorge's, Longboat Key, FL
  • Michael & Susan Maddox, Le Titi de Paris, Chicago, IL
  • Alex Ott, Master Mixologist
  • Georges Perrier, Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia, PA
  • Bernard Ros, Meli Melo, New York, NY
  • Jay Shaffer, Shaffer City Oyster Bar & Grill, New York, NY

Q & A Sessions (PDF's)

  • Local Charity Requests
  • Competing on a Small Ad Budget
  • Dealing with Side Work
  • Grand Opening Ideas
  • Handling Last Minute Guests
  • Lowering Staff Turnover
  • Lying About Reservations
  • Pre-Shift Meetings
  • Returning Half-Eaten Entrees
  • Small Touches to Improve Service

Hickton Articles (PDF's)

  • David Meets Goliath: A Contest to Attract and Retain Employees
  • Desperate Restaurant Owners: Lessons From The Field
  • Foolproof Restaurant Recruiting
  • Formulating Successful Purveyor Relationships
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Independent Restaurant Success: It's About Perception and Attitude
  • Independent Survival: "Marketing From The Inside Out"
  • Inventory Control Is Key To Controlling More Than Costs
  • Opening a Restaurant: It All Starts With Passion
  • Problem Employees (With Reader Feedback)
  • Restaurant Risk Management
  • Target Advertising
  • The Anatomy of Closing a Restaurant
  • Up-Selling vs. Overselling
  • Who's Running the Restaurant?

Reports & Bonuses (PDF's)

  • How to Automatically Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant
  • The Restaurant Marketing Report
  • Using Online Restaurant Coupons
  • Publicity Tips For Owner's, Chefs & Foodies -- 51 Story Ideas
  • Web Must Do's For Restaurants -- Bonus Handout & Seminar Outline
  • 7 Must Do's For Controlling Labor Costs -- Seminar Summary Handout
  • Rehearsal Guide: Role Play
  • Rehearsal Guide: Communicating Effectively
  • Rehearsal Guide: Body Language

100% Money Back Guarantee

Click here to order now

Here at Restaurant Report we've been providing invaluable information to restaurant owners and professionals for over 11 years. We're passionate about seeing restaurants succeed and we build our content to help your profits and your success.

All the best,
- Jaime
Owner, Restaurant Report

Restaurant Report
Phone: 786-206-6375

Important Note: The CD is made for listening/reading on a computer, not on traditional CD players (the audio files are MP3's and the documents are PDF's).

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